WordPress Customizations


Coded customizations to a chosen pre-made Wordpress themeĀ (website layout/design), for tailoring a theme to your needs.

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Most of our customers opt for a theme (website layout design) that is already offered with WordPress, but may want certain aspects of it tailored to their specific needs. To keep things simple we charge on a per file basis when making customizations to the code base when all the changes are presented up front, within reason. Unfortunately due to the nature of this it is impossible to tell precisely how many files will need to be changed in the code base so this requires working with one of our developers to get right as a page on the website may consist of several files in the code base. It is best to estimate this as a 1:1 ratio for any simple changes that you would like made to the website, where more complex changes may require more than 1 code file change per customization.


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